Grow your business and boost retention with handwritten direct mail.

Surprise, delight and engage your customers, at scale and automatically, with personalized postcards and notes written by a real pen. Each piece is dynamically generated in real time and trackable for lift, ROAS and conversions.

The Audience Advantage

It’s 2020, and it seems like everybody is selling something online.

You’ve read articles about the “disruption” economy. You’ve seen hundreds of budding entrepreneurs come online, and bootstrap multi-million dollar businesses out of thin air.

These are your competitors. There’s never been more of them. They’re fast, they’re hungry, and they’re sucking up market share.

How do you compete?

How It Works

Use our digital-marketing software, tools and training to grow your business cheaper, faster and easier.

Our platform to help you grow your business online is supported by three pillars:

– Powerful audience-discovery software.

– An automated outreach process that’s twenty times more effective than email.

– Audience Academy, our live and online training seminars on digital marketing.

Our solution works through a process we call “A-C-E-S”: Assess, Compile, Enrich, Score:


We work to understand your business by examining data from hundreds of sources across the web to identify opportunities.


We take hundreds of thousands of records, and compile them into one master data set specifically geared towards your business.


We cross-reference your data against deeper data sources and specific filters to reduce the noise and provide you not just with insights, but information you can act on immediately.


We score your data based on a number of factors and criteria to determine your highest-value opportunities.

What People Are Saying

Audience-Discovery Software

Getting started with us is simple. Simply send us leads you’re trying to get in front of- prospects, customer, media contacts, partners and vendors, among other audience segments.

Once we receive these leads, our audience-discovery software analyzes your data to suggest thousands of additional targeted leads you haven’t yet discovered.

We use a data model we call ACES (Assess, Compile, Enrich, Score) to determine who you need to contact and in what order. To achieve this, we scour hundreds of millions of individuals and companies, then score each record using our own algorithm.

We also reverse-engineer the audiences of all your competitors, scoring the audience segments, prospective buyers, media outlets, journalists and influencers driving the most growth for each competitor.

From this data set, we build your own custom audience, complete with thousands of fresh, enriched leads, including name, title, email, social handles, affinities and full contact information.

We then deliver those leads into your dashboard and you decide which ones you’d like to send notes to and how often. We even suggest note templates that work best with each audience segment.

The end result: you create meaningful interactions with your audience in a way that’s cheaper, faster and easier.

Armor-Piercing Outreach Machine

Once our software identifies and scores buyers and prospects, we activate our outreach machine, which focuses on an unexpected – but deadly effective – medium: personalized, trackable, handwritten notes.

These aren’t your typical notes. In fact, we’ve completely reinvented this medium, adding powerful technology and tracking to produce consistently beautiful written messages at vast scale- and with a jaw-dropping 80% open rate. The result: our outreach machine breaks right through to any decision maker, no matter the title, industry or company size.

And, yes, the notes are written by an actual pen, in real human handwriting and with precise pressure, slant and flow.

The power of the notes is our ability to create them at vast scale, with each note consistently beautiful, from the first letter to the last.

And unlike other forms of media, the notes add a personal touch. They show you care. The end result is they drive action and inbound activity, quickly.

Additionally, our technology allows you to quickly see which notes worked with which of your audience segments. Tweak different notes for different audiences. Then after you have it perfect and it works, put it on auto-pilot and don’t touch it again.